I Love Photography.

There is no simple answer to any of the questions about WHY I took up photography - it's an evolution and expression of my creative side that's always lurked, awaiting the opportunity to completely capture my mind... now it's out!!!

I've always had a camera and been active in art or graphics of some kind. I love the technical discovery - making the light work, manipulation the depth of field, the control, and the ability to try new things like HDR or alternative digital processing styles.

At it's most basic level though - it's all about faces and people I get to work with. Even with the crazy wigs and costumes and fantastic designs that I've shot - the best part is the people and stories in or behind the photos. I still get that great "WOW!" feeling when I see what is being created.

What interests me in an image or a subject is even harder to define: it can literally be anything, so long as it is INTERESTING. Different, unusual and engaging - something that makes we want to look at it more.

Ric Colgan, ByteStudio Photography